overhead doors at a facility with loading docks

Choosing the Right Overhead Doors for Your Commercial Needs

If you’re in the market for an overhead door, chances are you have done some of your research and know what they are all about. When it comes to choosing one for your property, things can get a little technical. We’re here to help you understand the benefits of the different types of commercial overhead doors available on the market so you can make an informed decision and pick the one that suits your needs the most. In this post, we’ll explore what overhead doors are, their types, and their applications.

What are Overhead Doors?

You can find overhead doors on both residential and commercial buildings. They typically roll up and down on vertical tracks located on both sides. They may be manually or electronically operated.

Commercial overhead doors can withstand much heavier use than residential ones. They are also bigger and much sturdier. Some overhead doors are only used a few times a day, while others need to withstand much more frequent operation. The types of materials your door is made of and the quality of their components directly affects how much use an overhead door can withstand.

Here is a quick look into some basic types of overhead doors:

1. Roll-up Doors

Probably the most common type of overhead door, these metal slatted doors are perfect for security purposes. When ‘opened’, these doors roll up into a coil, saving overhead space that a traditional garage-type door would take up. Made from heavy-duty metal, these doors also offer great protection from the elements. They are great for warehouses, industrial centers, storefronts, or distribution centers, and they can even be insulated for even better weather protection.

2. Fire Doors

Fire doors are overhead doors made from fire-resistant materials like stainless steel. They typically must meet public safety regulations and may have an auto-closing function in case of a fire. Fire doors are ideal for automotive centers, and commercial parking areas among others.

3. Rolling Grilles

These work in a similar fashion to roll-up doors, only they are made of metal and have a cage-like appearance. If you’ve ever passed a closed store and seen a metal cage covering the front entrance, that is a rolling grille! These doors are meant to make a statement while providing the security you need. Grilles come in different patterns and colors. They are common in retail spaces that need security when they are closed. Rolling grilles are also perfect for areas that require ventilation like airport concourses.

4. Sectional Doors

As the name suggests, sectional doors are made up of multiple panels of metal, wood, or other composite materials. Sectional doors can be insulated to resist extreme temperatures or galvanized against the elements to protect against high wind speeds and rain. These doors have a great return on investment because they can be replaced one slat at a time instead of needing to replace the entire door.

5. Rolling Counter Shutter

Rolling counter shutters are ideal for that extra protection in places like hospitals, liquor stores, or cafeterias. They have smaller slats that make them more visually appealing than other types of overhead doors. They can also come with different degrees of fenestration or perforation.


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