10 Reasons to Choose Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

10 Reasons to Choose Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

Here at Commercial Door, we install a lot of hollow metal doors for businesses. It’s no secret that they are one of the most popular door choices for commercial applications, but why?

In this post, we’ll go over 10 reasons why you should choose hollow metal doors, list some industries and business types that can benefit from them, and explain overall why they are an excellent commercial door choice!

Hollow metal doors are a popular choice for their security features alone. They are designed to withstand forced entry and can add an extra layer of protection to your business. Because of this, they can be helpful for a variety of industries that need security for people, merchandise, or other assets.

Unlike other materials like wood or flimsier materials fiberglass, metal doors are highly resistant to warping, cracking, or chipping. They are built to withstand harsh weather, heavy use, and normal wear and tear, ensuring they last years with minimal maintenance or upkeep.

This type of door is found in a lot of businesses, and this can also be due to building codes. Some types are very fire-resistant and are used in commercial buildings because of this. They can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke in a building and act as a crucial component in a building’s fire safety plan. In any building where managing the safety of others is important, these doors are a great choice.

Certain types offer excellent energy-efficient options to help manage the temperature of your building. They can be filled with insulating materials that help keep the inside air in and the outside air out. This can help you save on energy bills and is a great option for buildings that have temperature-sensitive areas. 

Contrary to what you might think of when you think of hollow metal doors, they are quite customizable in their style and color. They can be painted and finished with a variety of finishes to give the desired look that suits your building. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of businesses without compromising on style or quality.

In places like recording studios, educational institutions, office buildings, or other areas where sound management is crucial, hollow metal doors can be a great fit. Certain types of insulation inside of them can help block sound transmission between spaces and make for a controlled, quiet environment.

Their durability and resistance to damage make hollow metal doors easy to maintain with minimal maintenance required. This is a stand-out feature among commercial doors, as some types need more regular attention than others. This can make them a cost-effective choice in the long run because they do not require frequent replacements or repairs.

Hollow metal doors are impervious to pests and are not prone to any sort of rot, which are common problems for wooden door styles. This is particularly helpful in industries like food and beverage, processing, hospitality, and medicine where hygiene and pest control are important concerns.

The surface of hollow metal doors is easy to clean, which is essential for businesses that must prioritize cleanliness like healthcare facilities and food service establishments. They are also non-porous and are easily disinfected.

Hollow metal doors can be customized to fit very specific sizes and can include a variety of features like vision panels, specialized locks, and accessibility features. They are one of the most adaptable door options out there and are easy to configure for different needs and functions.

Hollow metal doors are loved by business owners, builders, and more for their adaptability, durability, and countless customization features. They are truly one of the most versatile doors out there, and they are an excellent choice for spaces where building code compliance, accessibility, and safety are important. Here are just some of the industries they are suited for.

In retail areas, hollow metal doors are great for making secure employee entrances and separating storefronts from stock rooms or restricted areas. Because of their design, they can be used just about anywhere that isn’t a customer-facing access point. They also provide more security in areas where customers are not permitted to enter.

In spaces like banks and offices, you may primarily think of wood or glass doors that have an upscale appearance. Hollow metal doors, however, are also commonly found in these spaces as fire exits, storage rooms, supply closets, and more. When it comes to spaces that need security or safety features, these doors are perfect.

Due to their durability, they are great for industrial spaces. They are made to withstand wear and tear, impact, and frequent use. Because of this, these doors are great for areas where heavy machinery is operated, merchandise or stock is frequently transported, or maintaining secure access points is crucial.

Cleanliness and frequent disinfection of surfaces are important in healthcare facilities, which is why hollow metal doors are so common in these spaces. Their surfaces are easy to clean, and they can hold up against a lot of foot traffic and heavy use. They also make for great access point doors for managing security and safety.

Staff access points, storage areas, janitorial closets, and more can all benefit from hollow metal doors in hospitality businesses. For elevating guest experiences, these doors help by making staff-only areas secure and easy to use by your employees. They are also easy to keep clean and require minimal maintenance so your staff can focus on optimizing guest experiences.

Schools need good security and durable access points that can keep people safe and hold up to heavy foot traffic. This type of door is frequently used in schools to keep entrances secure, manage fire safety systems, manage foot traffic between different areas of the building, and ensure your entrances are durable and secure.

In any commercial space, hollow metal doors are some of the most common commercial door options around. They are preferred for their unmatched customization options, durability, and versatility. If you’re unsure what kind of commercial door you need, a hollow metal door may be perfect for the job.

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