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Hollow metal doors are extremely common, which means we repair and install them all the time. Contact us to get started on your next project.

Commercial Door LLC has been repairing and installing hollow metal doors in Oklahoma and Dallas-Fort Worth for years. We have experts that are AAADM-certified, serving the Norman, Tulsa, and OKC area. If you are looking for a door specialist give us a call. Hollow metal doors are a simple and cost-effective solution to secure and control access to rooms, buildings, and personal belongings in a cost-effective and secure manners.

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How Hollow Metal Doors Work - Secure and Durable

Hollow metal doors have a solid metal door with a hollow core that offers interior and exterior access. This type of door has an interior locking mechanism that requires a key or a combination to open (depending on the entry hardware you choose). The interior locking mechanism is controlled by a deadbolt, cylinder or lever handle. The exterior of the door also has a deadbolt, cylinder or lever handle that secures the exterior of the door. When the interior of the door is locked and the exterior is secured, only people with a key or combination would be able to open the exterior door.

What Types of Security Can You Get with a Hollow Metal Door?

There are many different types of security that can be implemented with a hollow metal door.

One-Way Entry: Requiring someone to enter the building and exit the building from the same point could cause concern for security breaches in some cases. This type of security can be used to control access to areas such as the parking lot or the rear of the building.

Access Control: Control access to the building based on the identity of the user. This type of security can be used for things like who can enter the building and who is allowed to exit the building using keypads, ID scanners, and more.

Quick Entry: Quick entry means that the user must insert a key or combination before entering or leaving the building to activate the lock. This also takes less time than using a traditional key.

Remote Entry: A key or combination is not needed to unlock the door. A device or a service is used to unlock the door remotely, like a car that automatically unlocks when you walk up to it with the key in your pocket. This type of security can also be used to provide convenience.

Consecutive Entry: This form of security involved two doors at an entry point, requiring multiple points of clearance before entering the building.

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dark gray hollow metal doors in a building with panic bars
two white hollow metal doors on the exterior of a building

Benefits of Installing Hollow Metal Doors

When you are looking at a new door or replacing an existing one with a hollow metal door, there are several benefits that you should keep in mind. These include:

Easy to Clean: Hollow metal doors are much easier to clean than solid metal doors because they are less prone to rust. Additionally, they are much lighter, which makes them easier to transport and store if needed. Maintenance with hollow metal doors also much easier to maintain than solid steel doors. They are typically made from lighter materials that are easier to work with.

Energy Efficiency: Hollow metal doors can be very energy efficient depending on what the door is filled with. Many are designed to keep outside temperatures out, which can greatly improve your energy costs. Because of this, they are a top choice for many business owners.

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