Metal Doors: Types and Uses

Metal Doors: Types and Uses

Metal doors are one of the most versatile and widely used types of commercial doors. They are suitable for a large range of applications, from warehouses to schools and beyond. You can also customize them for different safety, security, and access needs to perfectly suit your unique business.

But, metal doors are so flexible that it can be difficult to know exactly what you need! In this post, we’ll break down some of the most popular types of metal doors and some great use cases for them.

Types of Metal Doors

There are a few common types of metal doors that you can find in many types of businesses. Here are some of the most popular types.

Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are by far the most popular and loved type of metal door out there. They are constructed with metal frames, and some hollow doors are insulated with materials like polyurethane or polystyrene to help with energy efficiency. They are a popular choice because of their customization options, durability, and safety features.

Steel Doors

For better security and durability, steel doors reign supreme. They are used in both industrial applications and for more aesthetic purposes. Steel doors resist corrosion and rust. Because of this, they are great for outdoor areas and areas exposed to moisture or weather. Some types of steel doors are also great for high-security areas, as steel is a very durable material.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are typically used in more aesthetic applications like storefronts or business entrances. They can be fitted with different types of windows to account for the energy efficiency and lighting of the interior. Aluminum doors are lightweight and easy to customize, but they are also durable enough to stand as a secure option for a business entrance with different types of locks and other security features available.

Impact Doors

Impact doors aren’t always made of metal, but they can be made with a variety of metal finishes and are a great choice for areas that require hands-free operation. They are common in areas that endure high traffic and facilitate the movement of goods such as retail stock or food and beverage.

Metal Doors: Use Cases

If you’re interested in metal doors for your business, you may wonder how many ways they can be used. We’ve broken down a few different ways metal doors can be used and customized based on different types of commercial applications.

Case 1: Retail Business

Retail businesses can have a lot of different entry and exit needs. Between the flow of customers coming in and out each day and the need for access to take in new stock, efficient and secure access points are essential.

Retail spots can benefit from aluminum glass storefront doors, hollow metal doors, and impact doors. Aluminum glass storefronts are a great option for creating a highly custom, inviting entrance that doubles as an energy-efficient and secure entry point. You can choose from different types of glass that have varying energy-saving capabilities.

When it comes to areas for storing stock, impact doors make these areas much easier to access and manage. They provide a barrier between customers and your stocking areas, keeping these sections separate from each other. They also make it easier for employees to transfer items between the two areas.

Hollow metal doors are perfect for employee entrances. They are versatile and lightweight. They can be fitted with different types of locks to make access management a breeze for those who need to open and close the business.

Case 2: Industrial Businesses

Industrial businesses like warehouses, fulfillment centers, and manufacturing facilities can benefit from impact doors, steel doors, and hollow metal doors.

Impact doors make it easy for employees to move large amounts of goods and materials through a facility quickly because they eliminate the need to stop and handle a door handle. 

Steel doors are great for areas in industrial facilities that need extra durability and security. They are fitted in places that experience traffic from machinery like forklifts. This is because they are better at withstanding accidental bumps and scuffs. They also make great doors for closing off sensitive areas that need limited access, as they are not easily damaged or broken into.

Hollow metal doors are great for regular access points throughout industrial buildings. Areas like break rooms, offices, and more can all use them because they make for easy and durable access points throughout the building.

Case 3: Offices

Offices typically require more aesthetically pleasing types of doors, especially when that office is client-facing. Because of this, aluminum and hollow metal doors are great options for offices.

Just like with retail, aluminum glass doors are a great option for office entrances as well. They can make any entrance look elegant and professional for both employees and clientele entering the building. 

Hollow metal doors are perfect for areas like stairwells, restrooms, supply closets, and so on. They are also simple and clean-looking doors that are perfectly functional for the areas listed above and more.

Case 4: Medical Buildings

Medical buildings usually require different doors for different uses. All of the options listed above can be used in medical facilities for varying purposes.

Hollow metal doors are great for patient rooms, utility closets, locked storage rooms, and more. Glass aluminum doors are perfect for front entrances. They can be fitted with ADA-accessible features that make entrance easy for everyone. Impact doors make transporting equipment, patients, and medical supplies easy and efficient while also preventing the spread of germs. Steel doors also make securing areas like pharmaceutical storage or restricted areas easier for medical staff.

Metal doors are essential for smooth operation in medical buildings.

Metal Doors: Conclusion

You’ll find some sort of metal door in just about any type of commercial business. Whether it’s a storefront, stockroom entrance, supply closet, etc. metal doors are a versatile category of doors. 

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