Storefront Doors – Types, Parts, Uses, and Benefits

Storefront Doors – Types, Parts, Uses, and Benefits

Your storefront doors are often an important part of your first impression for customers visiting your business. A good door not only invites visitors in, but it can also provide functional benefits for both you and your customers.

In this post, we’ll go over some types of storefront doors, their parts, their uses, and how they can benefit you!

Types of Commercial Storefront Doors

When it comes to storefront doors, there are many configurations for different purposes. Depending on your needs, there is a door out there for you!

  1. Full Glass Doors: Full glass storefront doors are made primarily of glass with a few pieces of hardware to affix the door in place. They offer a lot of visibility and let lots of light into the building. They appear very modern and sleek compared to other door types.
  2. Aluminum Glass Doors: These doors are made up of an aluminum frame and a center glass pane. This design perfectly balances aesthetics and durability by protecting the glass pane while still allowing for an open, inviting appearance.
  3. Metal Doors: Metal doors are a large category with many uses and configuration options. Perhaps the most customizable type of door, they are great for storefronts with specific needs, as well as security.
  4. Automatic Sliding Doors: Automatic doors reign supreme when it comes to accessibility and ease of use. They add the ultimate modern touch to any business and make any storefront more inviting.

Parts of a Storefront Door

While door configurations vary, here are a few basic parts of a storefront door.

Door Leaf

The door leaf is essentially what we think to be the whole door. It is the panel affixed to the door frame that swings (or slides) when prompted. The leaf is easily one of the most customizable parts of a door, and some types of leaves can be filled with insulation for better energy efficiency at your entry and exit points.


We’re all familiar with door hinges! These are the parts that connect your door (or leaf) to the door frame and allow it to swing open and closed. You won’t find hinges on an automatic door, but just about every other type of door needs them to function! 

Handles, Push Bars, and Pull Bars

Most doors would be difficult to use without a way to open them! Door handles, push bars, and pull bars give users a way to open the door. They also often offer leverage for the user to make it easier to operate a heavy door. 


Locks are essential for almost any door, especially in a commercial space like a storefront. They also offer a variety of features for different security needs. From a traditional lock and key to a keypad or access scanner, there are many types of locks out there.


Usually installed on exterior storefront doors, a threshold offers a seal at the bottom of your door between the inside and outside of your building. This piece sits at the bottom of your door frame so that when shut, the door is sealed all around. 


Weatherstripping is most commonly found on exterior storefront doors as well, and it acts as another layer of protection from temperature differences and weather conditions. This special material seals gaps around a door and prevents drafts and water leakage around the door.


Some storefront doors require closers to ensure your door is not left open by employees or customers. Closers work with springs or hydraulics to slowly pull a door closed after it has been opened. They can be fitted to various swinging doors and are great for maintaining energy efficiency and security in your building.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Storefront Doors

Whether your building is old or new, it may be time to upgrade your storefront for something more inviting and professional-looking. Here are a few ways new storefront doors can elevate your business:

  1. Better Branding: New doors give you the opportunity to add vinyl or other decals to add branding to your business. This can make it easier for customers to find you.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Modern doors, even those with glass, come with better insulation materials. This ensures your heating and cooling remain inside, leading to energy savings.
  3. Security: Now doors with upgraded locking systems protect your business and keep your store secure after hours.
  4. Accessibility: Newer storefront doors are designed with accessibility in mind, especially automatic doors that allow hands-free entry for everyone.
  5. Durability: With newer materials, you’ll get a much better lifespan out of your storefront doors and better protection from harsh weather. They hold up well to daily wear and tear as well as severe weather conditions.

Storefront Doors: Conclusion

In summary, your storefront doors are a crucial part of your business when it comes to customer impressions, accessibility, and functionality of your business. Between the many types of storefront doors and their customization options, you’re sure to find a configuration that’s perfect for your business.

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