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Commercial Metal door repair and install

Metal doors are some of the most common commercial doors out there. Call us next time your need repairs or installation. We are available for all of your metal door needs.

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Metal doors: installation and repair with commercial door llc

Commercial Door LLC specializes in metal door installation and repair. We work with our customers to create customized solutions for their needs. We have been working with people in Norman, OKC, Tulsa, Dallas-Fort Worth, and other surrounding areas for many years, and our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or perform emergency repairs. 

These doors are one of the most popular types of commercial doors and are used in schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. It’s important that yours are in good condition!

What You Need to Know about Metal Doors

Metal doors are a great option for anyone that needs security or privacy in their building. They’re also great at blocking out light and sound, so they work well in places like offices, warehouses, hospitals, schools and more. 

The metal used on these doors is usually galvanized steel that is often coated with a special powder that gives it a rust-proof finish. This powder coating doesn’t discolor the metal or affect its look in any way. The frames on these doors are often made out of wood, aluminum, or steel and can also be coated with a powder coating to protect them from potential rust and corrosion. They are made to be durable and sturdy.

A Commercial Door technician drilling into a piece of metal for a commercial door
A metal exterior door on a garage with visibility windows - exterior doors

Equipment and repairs that Hold up

Commercial Door LLC offers metal door installation services that are guaranteed to last. We offer a variety of metal door styles, colors, and finishes so you can find the right one for your business. These doors help protect your business from weather, break-ins, and more. Looking to upgrade or improve your business’s doors? Call Commercial Door today!

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