Hollow Metal Doors: Their Perks and Uses

Hollow Metal Doors: Their Perks and Uses

Hollow metal doors are a popular choice for commercial and industrial businesses everywhere. Between their durability, security, and customizability, they suit a lot of needs and are common in many different businesses. These doors are made from metal sheets that are bent to the correct shape and filled with insulation material to create a lightweight, durable door. 

In this blog post, we will explore the different perks and uses of hollow metal doors, as well as some businesses they are well-suited for.

Uses of Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, from retail stores and schools to hospitals and warehouses. They withstand heavy use, weather, and wear and tear. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas and places that may require more security.

Most commonly, they are installed in business entryways, as they provide a secure barrier between the interior and exterior of the building. They are also installed inside buildings to provide privacy and security for places like conference rooms, storage areas, break rooms, and more.

They can also be used in fire-rated applications, as they are designed to meet building codes and regulations for fire safety. These doors are constructed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They provide an extra measure of protection during a fire-related emergency within a building.

Perks and Benefits of Hollow Metal Doors

There are many benefits of installing hollow metal doors for your business. Here are some of the most significant advantages they offer:

  1. Durability: These doors will stand the test of time and hold up against weather, wear, and damage. They hold up well in high-traffic areas and will withstand heavy force.
  2. Security: These doors are incredibly secure and help protect from incidents of trespassing. They are very difficult to pry open. Many are equipped with reinforced locksets and hinges. You can also customize them to suit your security needs as well.
  3. Fire safety: As we mentioned earlier, these doors are designed to prevent fires and smoke from spreading within a building (depending on what they are filled with). They can help contain fires, allowing people to safely exit a building and prevent loss or damage.
  4. Customizability: Every business has different needs, and hollow metal doors can be adjusted to suit those needs relatively easily. They can be made to fit any building shape or size. They can also be painted or finished to match the style of a building. Their hardware, like hinges and lock systems, can be tailored to suit security needs. The list goes on!
  5. Energy Efficiency: Despite how lightweight they are, these doors are actually quite energy efficient. They often are filled with insulation material that helps regulate the internal temperature of a building. This can help with energy consumption and costs in the long run.

Businesses that Benefit from Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors have a variety of applications, but they are particularly good for businesses that have a lot of high-traffic areas or need increased security. Here are a few business types that can benefit from installing them:

Schools and Universities

Educational facilities often require doors that can handle heavy traffic, are durable, and are fire resistant. Hollow metal doors are a great choice, especially because they are easy to clean and provide great security. They are also great for entries, classrooms, assembly areas, and more.

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities require doors that are durable, secure, lightweight, and easy to keep clean. Hollow metal doors check all of these boxes and work very well in these environments.

Retail Stores

Aside from aluminum-glass storefronts (which we also install at Commercial Door!), these doors are great for employee entrances, back entrances, and other similar areas for their security and durability. Whether it’s heavy foot traffic from a shift change or heavy usage from hauling in stock, these doors can handle it.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Areas like these are known to have lots of heavy equipment, foot traffic, and expensive materials and machinery. These doors can withstand dents and dings from machinery and other equipment, as well as keep your valuable materials and machines safe.

Warehouses and Storage Facilities

Many warehouses have a lot going on within them. Between hauling equipment like forklifts and people moving around, these areas can get busy and host a lot of movement. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about these doors breaking from heavy usage or accidental dings. They also hold up extremely well to weather and keep your stored items safe.


Hollow metal doors are some of the most versatile door options on the market. They are able to benefit a large variety of businesses and applications. Their features adapt to a variety of needs, and they are a very customizable door option.

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