Commercial Door Locks: How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

Commercial Door Locks: How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

When it comes to keeping your business secure, the locks you choose can make all the difference. Locks made for commercial purposes are designed to provide higher security for your business and can have a variety of features that make entering and securing your business easier. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know what kind of commercial door locks may work best for your business. In this post, we’ll lay out what you should consider when looking for locks, some common types of commercial door lock systems, and how to choose the best commercial locks for your business.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Door Locks

Don’t go into your research blind! Here are a few things to think about while you’re shopping around for the perfect lock hardware for your business.

Your Security Needs

A bank is going to need more security than a library. Depending on what you’re trying to protect and how much security you need, different locks may be better suited for your business than others. Consider what kind of assets you need to keep secure and how much security you are looking for.

Your Budget

Commercial Locks can vary quite a bit when it comes to cost. What they’re made of, how much security they provide, and how complex they are all affect their price. Know your ideal budget, and see what’s out there that’s in your price range. Keep in mind: some locks may be more expensive upfront, but they may provide better security and last longer than other locks.

Ease of Use

Who needs access to your lock systems? How easy or difficult should it be to open your doors? Are you looking for something with a code input? A key? Something you can unlock with your phone? Think about who will be using these doors, how easy they need to be to unlock, and what you expect from your locks in terms of using them.


This is especially important for doors that have a lot of traffic or may need to be locked and unlocked frequently. If needed, look for locks made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand heavy use and wear and tear.

Common Types of Commercial Door Locks

There are a lot of different locks out there, but they can be broken down into a few common types. Each of these lock types can have different features and customizations to be tailored to your needs.

1. Deadbolt Locks

These locks are some of the most common commercial locks out there. Their secure, reliable, and sturdy nature makes them a popular choice for many business owners. There are two main types of deadbolts: single-cylinder and double-cylinder. Single-cylinder deadbolts are locked and unlocked using a key from the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. Double-cylinder deadbolts, however, require a key to be opened from both the inside and outside.

2. Mortise Locks

These locks are popular in both residential and commercial buildings for their reliable security. These locks are fitted into a pocket inside the door and give more leverage than a typical cylindrical lock, meaning they tend to last longer and stand up to heavy force. Some even feature multiple locking points for extra security.

3. Electronic Locks

Locks powered by electricity are gaining more popularity these days in commercial buildings. They are used to access items like scannable keycards or keyfobs to open and are programmed to lock and unlock when an access item is scanned. These locks offer a high level of security for buildings that need to remain locked and can even be programmed to allow certain individuals to enter only at certain times. They are also able to log who has entered and exited the building for added security.

4. Keyless Entry Locks

These locks use a combination or code to open the door rather than a traditional key. These locks work well for areas where multiple people may need access, such as an office building. They are also easy to re-program, so codes can be added and removed whenever needed.

5. Smart Locks

Commonly found as part of smart home hardware, smart locks are making their way into businesses as well. These locks are unique in that they can be locked and unlocked via a smartphone app. This allows for the door to be locked remotely and they can even be programmed to lock and unlock at certain times. No more forgetting to lock the door at the end of the day!

How to Choose the Best Commercial Door Locks for Your Business

Now that you’ve decided what you need from a lock system and learned more about the types of locks out there, how do you decide which locks to use for your business? Here are a few more things to think about while you narrow down your options.

The type of materials your door and doorframe are made of changes what kinds of locks will work for you. For example, a thin, wooden door may not hold a mortise lock very well and may be better suited for a deadbolt. Your Commercial Door technician can help you figure out what kinds of locks suit your building the best. 

Some locks can also be more customizable than others. A single-cylinder deadbolt typically has a more industrial look in commercial settings, while mortise locks tend to be more customizable due to their popularity in residential buildings. 

The traffic your doorways see is also important to consider when choosing a lock. For high-traffic areas, you’ll want something durable and easy to use like a keyless entry lock or deadbolt. If you tend to have lower traffic or need more security, an electronic lock or lock with multiple lock points may work well.

Lastly, you should also be thinking about how much control you need over your security. Take the time to figure out how many people need access to your door, how much security you need, and what would make your security measures easier for you to maintain. If you like the idea of a more hands-off solution that can still keep your building secure, a smart lock may work well for you. If you need the ability to control access time for individual people or to document who enters and exits your building, you may want to use an electronic lock. 

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to figuring out how much security you need and how much control you need over it. Your technician can help you weigh these pros and cons as well!


Choosing the right type of lock for your business is crucial for the security of your building. When looking for locks, consider how much security you need, your budget, ease of use, and durability as you do your research. With the right locks in place, you can ensure your building is secure and give yourself some peace of mind!

When it comes to locks, it can be difficult to know what may work for you. Commercial Door in Norman, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City is here to help you choose! We offer free estimates on projects and can help you weigh the pros and cons of your commercial lock options. See some of our other services, and reach out on our contact page to get started!