historical door preservation

Repairing and restoring historical doors

For old buildings with antique hardware and unique designs, our team is expertly trained to repair historical doors while maintaining their charm and original form. Trust us for door preservation in Oklahoma and Dallas-Fort Worth,.

Commercial Door LLC has been repairing and restoring doors on historic Oklahoma and Dallas-Fort Worth properties for years, and we are professionals when it comes to keeping antique equipment intact and operational for modern use. We promise to get your historic doors and hardware in top condition while maintaining their integrity.

Old metal door handle on the old door.

Historical door preservation: preserving history

Part of the charm or older buildings and properties is their original features, including their doors and hardware like windows or specialty locking mechanisms. When restoring an older building, maintaining the integrity of the property is crucial to preserving its history.

Our team is expertly trained to just that – restore your historical doors to proper working order while keeping their charm and original form.

What does historical door preservation entail?

There are a few steps involved in historical door preservation that ensure your door is properly restored and rejuvenated.

Assessment: Before performing any work on the door, our team will assess the door and its hardware. We’ll determine exactly what parts need to be fixed and how. Some doors only require cleaning and maintenance, while other require a little more care.

Research: Some historical doors require research to determine common issues with the door, cleaning techniques,  maintenance procedures, and more.

Part Sourcing: In the case that your historical doors need parts, we carefully source original door parts and modern replacements to ensure any broken parts are replaced with proper hardware.

Planning: Once we’ve researched your particular door and sourced the proper parts, we plan the restoration to ensure we follow all the proper steps to completion.

Execution: Our team performs the restoration, leaving you with a historical door that is revived and true to its original design and look.

Have a property with historical doors? Trust Commercial Door for all your door restoration needs.

Why restore instead of replace?

It can be tempting to opt for door replacement instead of restoring your original doors, especially if they need quite a bit of work to fix them. Restoration has a few key perks:

Preserve a Piece of History: On older properties, maintaining their original features (in many cases) helps preserve their historical charm. This keeps the property unique and preserves a piece of your property’s history.

Uphold Your Property’s Value: With antique hardware and building materials, many of these items retain or gain value over time for their rarity and unique styles. This can uphold the value of your property.

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